Warranty scope

For most products on this site, we provide a 2-year warranty.
When you buy fitness equipment from Welill, you do more than just buy products. You are investing in your future. Buying fitness equipment for the family is a promise to improve life. You need a machine that is in line with your promises and cooperates with you for a long time.

At Welill, our job is to ensure that the failure of your product will never be the cause of your interruption of the exercise program. Therefore, we attach great importance to the use of durable, durable components to manufacture high-quality machines. Our manufacturing process focuses on manufacturing quality. What we are best at is making machines that can withstand heavy blows. Each unit in our production line is tested before boxing to limit out-of-box defects when the machine reaches your home. We will not take short cuts in production in order to save money, because we believe in the integrity of the brand, and we will care about the situation after the sale as before the sale.

This is why all our units enjoy a real lifetime warranty. All our guarantees to customers are free. You don’t have to pay extra company fees to make them stand behind the product. The word life should fully represent life. All our lifetime warranty is underwritten and supported by a leading insurance company to ensure that no matter what happens in the future, you can guarantee your warranty.

Be sure to read the details on the warranty terms. Many companies provide warranty, but they only cover what they consider to be “manufacturing defects”. If the actual use of the product is not covered, what is the focus of the coverage? Welill is one of the only companies that provides true “wear and tear” insurance. If you need to replace a part, you will not be punished simply because you wear it during normal use. You will not find any similar exclusions in our manual. So go ahead and take your exercise to a new level, we have already served you!

Service Process
If you need warranty work, just contact our service center. All our technical staff have rich knowledge. They can directly access the production model, and can do some basic troubleshooting by phone to solve many problems.

If the technician quickly determines that your problem needs to be dealt with, we will directly deliver any parts needed for the operation to you. As long as you live in a city of any size for a few hours, we will have local technicians in your area. The average processing time from the first contact to the factory restoration of the equipment is about 7 days.

In case the local technician believes that the equipment cannot be repaired on site and is still within the warranty period, this rarely happens. Even if you are still within the warranty period, you need to send the device to us for repair.At this time you need to pay the shipping fee.

If the local technician believes that the equipment cannot be repaired on-site and is still within the warranty period, unfortunately we cannot provide refunds for this. This rarely happens.

Products that do not support warranty:
We do not support the warranty of consumables, such as lubricants, batteries and friction plates.
Due to supplier replacement issues, we reserve the right to be unable to provide replacement parts for all models.
If your area is in a remote area or is affected by force majeure such as natural disasters, we reserve the right not to provide technicians on-site repair services.
Warranty cost:
If you are within the first year of the warranty period, we will bear 100% of the repair fee for quality problems. If you need to replace the parts, you need to pay the transportation fee. For the warranty content caused by man-made damage and use damage, you also need to pay for the cost of purchasing parts.
If you are in the second-year warranty period, we provide free online customer service. If you need us to provide corresponding replacement parts and other services that may cause costs, you need to pay the corresponding fees.