1. How much is the shipping cost?
    We provide free shipping for standard shipping of all products. If you choose expedited shipping, you will need to pay an extra $20 expedited fee.
  2. What if the seller bears the relatively high transportation cost of low-value goods?
    For low-value products, the price is symbolic, and our store can accept a small amount of products for low-profit sales.
  3. What is the estimated delivery time?
    You need to understand that the delivery process includes two processes.
    All orders will leave our warehouse within 2 to 4 working days. We call this time the delivery time.
    After the product leaves the factory, it usually takes 5-7 working days to ship the package to the destination, depending on your specific location, we call it transit time. After the product is shipped, you will receive the tracking number from the shipping company immediately. This will let you know where your item is and when you need it.
    For expedited transportation, it usually takes 3-5 working days for the package to reach the destination.

The estimated delivery time depends on the following factors:
1). Compared to small packages shipped via FedEx or UPS, shipping large items (such as fitness equipment) is more challenging. The delivery time is long and an appointment is required for each delivery. We work with major freight forwarders to provide multiple delivery methods to meet your needs.
2). Buyer’s specific address
3). Efficiency of local logistics providers

  1. Where is Willill shipped to?
    Welill can be shipped to almost all countries in the world, but currently we do not guarantee delivery time for regions outside the United States. When we assess the high risk of the shipping location, we will cancel the order within 48 hours, complete the refund, and notify the buyer via email. We use the services of major international trust companies to ensure that your package reaches its destination quickly and safely.
    In fact, for the United States, it takes 5-10 days from your checkout to the receipt of the package. We ensure that 95% of the orders are delivered on time. For some remote places, it may take longer.
    For European countries/regions, we estimate that it will take 10-15 working days to complete the delivery.
  2. How to choose the delivery method?
    During the checkout process, you can select your preferred shipping method on the “Order Information” page.
    Track your order
  3. How to track the order?
    Please click the link below
  4. Do I need to pay taxes and duties?
    For the United States
    Our products do not charge any other taxes and fees in the United States.
    For other countries
    Depending on your country’s customs and transportation methods, import taxes may be incurred, and customs usually charge 7% to 25% tariffs. You can check with local customs for more information.

Note: During public holidays, since manufacturers and courier companies will restrict operations during this period, shipping time may be affected. Although unfortunately this is beyond our control, we will do our best to improve this issue.