About Welill

Welill’s CEO Jason was a fitness enthusiast, and gradually fell in love with fitness equipment during the fitness process. He soon realized that the price of fitness equipment on the market was too high, which was obviously unreasonable. Later, he realized that there were a large number of fitness equipment Costs are spent on warehousing and transportation. The additional warehousing costs caused by slow sales are huge, and unreasonable transportation methods are also cost losses. So Jason thought of selling equipment on the website. Through his understanding of fitness, he participated in product supervision and quality control, and promoted his brand in the fitness social circle to gain a large number of fans. Welill sells safe and high-quality fitness equipment.

What Welill provides?

Welill provides you with unparalleled fitness equipment. Whether you want to give up your gym membership to exercise at home or want to open a small gym, you can find equipment to meet your specific needs here. Welill is equipped with treadmills, elliptical machines and exercise bikes, no matter what your basement or local community is, they can perfectly complete the construction of any home fitness and fitness center. In fact, the product that Wellill is most proud of is the treadmill, which is of very good quality, simple and beautiful appearance, and smooth lines.


Welill has been providing fitness equipment to many countries. Welill is a rookie in the fitness field, a fast-growing brand, and it is still evolving. Welill regularly adds new sales channels, regardless of sales volume, Welill will ensure the quality of service. Welill provides warranty and service for products and customers, and listens carefully to customer demands and resolves them rigorously, because they realize that each customer is vital to overall and future success.

Our Mission

Welill is always looking for ways to make their equipment better, more efficient, and higher quality, while still maintaining reasonable prices. There is no doubt that Wellill will never compromise its integrity to improve the bottom line. This mentality and idealism is a necessary condition for Velier’s employment. We pursue reasonableness in terms of material safety and personnel reliability. The most important thing is that we are proud to serve the fitness industry